Dolerite Sill

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Rock Sample:
The rock is dark green throughout, with a mineral forming white specks. The white mineral does not react with hydrochloric acid. The texture is very rough, and the rock's edges are sharp. Large flat phenocrysts (~ ≤10mm). The sample is non-foliated and has an aphanitic matrix. There is a off-white colored crystal forming on one of the faces. They are bumpy and <0.1mm in depth. There is some minor 70 degree cleavage on the sample.

Thin Section:
There are micro-fractures, and many of the minerals have a blue-green tint in PPL. There are also larger fractures throughout the thin section. The sample is holocrystalline with some brown glass-like blotches. There is a poikilitic texture while viewed in XPL.
-Augite (~30%)
-Plagioclase (~60%)
-Olivine (5%)
-There is little to no quartz
-Magnification at 4x/0.10

Scanning Electron Microscope:
The light green filament on the face with the label is composed of iron, calcium, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, sodium, oxygen and small amounts of carbon.



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Purchased from Western Minerals Inc.

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