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  • Collection: (MC) Magnet Cove Alkaline Igneous Complex -- Magnet Cove, Arkansas

Gray, less mafic than average
Representative of main rock type in quarry

Coarse grained, comes from dike-like body in northern part of the quarry

Coarse, muddy, with many small glinting faces

From within visible biotite zone

Not as messy as garnet psuedolucite syenite at Diamond Joe Quarry

Not dark phonolite facies

Coarse, with white veins and orange coloration

Deep brown oxidation with yellow (limonite?) area

Mostly light colored with small darker bits

Dark, finer-grained

Vageuly translucent

Rough with oxidized section

Fine grained, collected from large boulder

Light gray

Representative of rocks throughout a line outcrop at the edge of creek
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