(R) General Rocks


(R) General Rocks


Contains all rocks that are not part of a designated suite and have an ID number starting with R.


Various sources

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Mineralogy: quartz, feldspar, biotite, staurolite. Foliated. Foliation caused by biotite, staurolite is porphyroblastic. Biotite-staurolite-schist. Staurolite Zone.

Eclogite w/Zoisite
Porphyritic texture with large (>0.5 cm) euhedral garnets in a fine grained, green matrix shows serpentinization, one side containing mass of light colored transloucent pyroxcene; contains pyroxcene, plagioclase, olivine.

Thin Section.

Dark grey to black, aphanitic texture, fine grained matrix, smooth texture, euhedral light-colored garnets, pyroxene and garnet cystals in thin section show a yellow border in plain polarized light, additional long spindly pyroxene crystals visible…

Dark grey to black peridotite, phaneritic texture, containing numerous phenocrysts with a soft grey to white color. Small crystals of olivine visible in hand sample, characterized by a darker color than the surrounding rock and a more glassy luster,…

Dark colored phaneritic peridotite containes micas, garnets, olivine pyroxene and plagioclase all visible from hand sample. Sample is speckled with light colored material and larger crystals of pyroxcene, olivine and michas visible in hand sample,…
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