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(TMJ) Quartz-rich Metamorphic Suite -- Tanzawa Mountains, Kanto, Japan

Andesite Tuff

The Tanzawa Mountains in Japan were created in an arc-arc collision, when the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc was subducted beneath the Honshu Arc. This…

Contributors: Western Minerals, Inc.

(SFM) Igneous Suite -- St. Francois Mountains, Southeastern Missouri

2013-12-10 21.55.39.jpg

This collection is composed of igneous volcanic and intrusive rocks from the St. Francois Mountains of Missouri. The variation within the collection…

Contributors: Western Minerals, Inc.

(R) General Rocks


Contains all rocks that are not part of a designated suite and have an ID number starting with R.

Contributors: Various sources

(PPC) Franciscan Assemblage Suite -- Panoche Pass, California

This collection consists of 20 samples taken from Panoche Pass, California. These samples are representative of rocks that can be found in the…

Contributors: Western Minerals Inc.

(PH) Powderhorn (Iron Hill) Carbonatite Suite -- Gunnison County, SW Colorado

PH-20 Hand Sample - Horizontal.

The Powderhorn (Iron Hill) Carbonatite is located in Gunnison County in about the center of the southwestern quadrant of Colorado. It is a pear-shaped…

Contributors: Western Minerals Inc.

(NS) Meta-Pelite Suite -- Shelburne, Nova Scotia


Samples from the Shelburne area representative of the full range of metamorphic grades. This suite includes a high grade pelitic xenolith as well as…

Contributors: Western Minerals, Inc.

(NH) Plutonic Magma Series -- Southwestern New Hampshire

2013-10-08 18.43.34.jpg

A sampling of the four plutonic stages of the New Hampshire series. This encompasses the Bethlehem Gneiss, the Kinsman Quartz Monzonite, the Spaulding…

Contributors: Western Minerals Inc.